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:: Stevie B::
Billboard Chart Highlight
1987: Party Your Body
1988: Spring Love
1990: Because I Love You (The Postman Song)


Stevie B

Singer, songwriter, and producer Stevie B. was among the leading lights of the Miami dance music scene of the late '80s, later reaching the top of the pop charts with the mega-hit "Because I Love You (The Postman Song)." A native of South Florida, he worked a variety of dead-end jobs ranging from car-wash attendant to fast-food server before scoring his debut hit with 1987's "Party Your Body," which grew from a regional success to national club smash; it was also the title track of his 1988 debut LP, which went gold. With 1989's In My Eyes, Stevie B. launched his first Top 40 hit, "I Wanna Be the One"; its follow-up, "Love Me for Life," soon cracked the Top 40 as well. With 1990's "Because I Love You," he reached the pinnacle of his success, with the single's accompanying album Love & Emotion also generating a pair of Top 20 hits, "I'll Be by Your Side" and the title cut.

Over the course of five years, Stevie B accomplished what most artists can say of their entire careers: three platinum albums containing a total of thirteen Top 40 dance and/or pop singles and one classic number 1 hit. From heart-stopping ballads to hip-shaking dance songs, Stevie B did it all.

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:: suzi Carr ::
Billboard Chart Highlight
1987: Dreamin'
1988: Baby, I Love Your Way/Freebird Medley (Free Baby)
1988: Say It's Gonna Rain
1989: Fading Away

Suzi Carr (formerly of Will To Power)

Suzi Carr has one of the most recognizable and unbelievable voices in the world. After four #1 hits including, "Baby I love your way", "Dreaming", "Fading Away", and "Say It's Gonna Rain", the diva of dance is back! Suzi's credits include sessions with David Foster, Celine Dione, Faith Hill, Barbara Streisand, and Gloria Estefan. Her first big break in the recording industry came through writing two songs for Gloria Estefan and singing background vocals on the record. After years of studio work and singing live with bands, Suzi became the lead singer of "Will to Power". Their medley of Peter Frampton's "Baby, I Love Your Way" and Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird" hit number one in late 1988.



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:: Judy Torres ::
Billboard Chart Highlight
1987: Come Into My Arms
1987: No Reason to Cry
1989: Love Story

Judy Torres

Determined, is the best way to describe the beloved and enduring dance-pop singer, Judy Torres. Blessed with striking good looks, a powerful and flexible voice and the strength of mind and character to achieve her goals, Judy Torres has beaten the odds that have worn down many of her '80s contemporaries. While many of the dance artists of the '80s have faded off into oblivion, Torres has expanded her goals to include not only a successful music career, but also musical theatre and a feature show on New York's highly regarded radio station, WKTU.

Torres began her career at the tender age of seventeen and set out with a tour de force via the vehicle entitled, No Reason to Cry, a freestyle classic. The album from which this track was taken, Love Story, firmly established Torres as a prominent figure in dance/freestyle circles. Her follow-up, My Soul, showed a greater development of voice and focus of musical style. Love You for All Seasons pushed Torres into the mainstream to a receptive audience. Currently, Judy Torres is working on a new project, expanding her career aspirations and continuing to be a familiar face on the club performing circuit.

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Billboard Chart Highlight
1991: Together Forever
1991: A Day in My Life (Without You)
1992: Never Say Never
1992: Goody Goody
1994: Will You Ever Save Me

Lisette Melendez

Lisette Melendez is a freestyle/Latin pop/dance-pop singer born in 1976 in Spanish Harlem, NYC. She is best known for her 1991 hits "Together Forever" and "A Day In My Life (Without You)". With powerful and sultry vocals, these songs propelled her debut album Together Forever to gold status with over 700,000 copies sold. Both songs were such big dance music hits that they are credited as helping renew interest in Freestyle music past the 1990’s. More hits followed in 1994 including the Billboard Hot 100 hit "Goody Goody" (#53) and "Will You Ever Save Me" which charted on the Rhythmic Top 40 at #38. The album did extremely well in Japan, both commercially and critically, where she won a "Best New Artist" Grammy Award. In 1998, she released her third album, Un Poco De Mi, a salsa album sung in Spanish. It scored a hit with "Algo de Mi" which peaked at #8 on the Latin Tropical/Salsa Airplay chart and #23 on the Hot Latin Tracks chart. In recent years Lissette has returned to the freestyle world and continues to tour the country to enthusiastic crowds.

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:: NOEL ::
Billboard Chart Highlight
1987: Silent Morning
1988: Like A Child
1992: Out of Time


Noel Pagan, a Cuban-American born New Yorker, set the Freestyle world on fire with the release of his smash dance single, “Silent Morning,” released in the first half of 1987.  His first full length was released in September of 1988 and spawned the hit “Like A Child,” while songs like “Change” and “City Streets” further demonstrated Noel’s impressive writing skills and vocal prowess.  1990 saw the release of the maxi-single “The Question,” which proved to be another powerful mega-hit for him. His music continues to be very enticing to the freestyle crowd - just one of those artists that as soon as you hear him, you’ve got no choice but to hit the dance-floor.

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:: George LaMond ::
Billboard Chart Highlight
1989: Without You
1990: Bad of The Heart
1990: Look Into My Eyes
1990: No Matter What
1991: Love's Contagious
1991: Baby, I Believe in You

George LaMond

George started his career as a much in demand backup singer for various artists and lead singer for Loose Touch before landing a solo deal with Columbia Records. His first album, “Bad Of The Heart” released in 1989, produced many underground dance hits such as the title song (#25 on the Billboard Hot 100 , 1990), “Look Into My Eyes” (#4 Hot Dance Club Play, 1990) and “Without You” (#4 Hot Dance, 1989). In 1991 George scored a hit with Brenda K. Starr on the duet “No Matter What” that entered the Billboard Hot 100 at #49. In recent years George has had hits in the Salsa world on Sony International and continues to perform to enthusiastic crowds. He is known for his lyrical tenor quality, a cut above most freestyle singers in the movement.



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:: ABY ::
Billboard Chart Highlight
1986: Come Get My Love
1986: One Way Love
1990: You’ll Never Find Another Love

Aby (formerly of TKA):

Having gotten their start in the Latin club scenes of New York City, TKA got their first big break ironically enough at a sweet 16 birthday party. With an A&R representative from Tommy Boy present to witness their love ballad harmonies over hip-hop beats, TKA were immediately signed in 1987. Later on that year they released Scars of Love, followed by Louder Than Love in 1991 and a greatest hits album in 1992.  ABY, the original lead singer of TKA, eventually left the group to form & MORE and had the hit “You’ll Never Find Another Love.” He remains one of the most respected voices in Freestyle.


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:: Angel ::
Billboard Chart Highlight
1987: Becuase of You
1987: Show Me
1987: Spring Love
1988: Inside Outside
1988: Promise Me
1989: My Heart Skips A Beat
1989: We Can't Go Wrong
1989: I Need Your Lovin' *
1989: We Can't Go Wrong
1990: Thank You
1990: Wishing On A Star

Angel (the original Cover Girl):

Born in The Bronx, New York, Louise “Angel” Sabater began singing at the Bronx River Community Center talent show. Although her performance awarded her an acting scholarship to the school of Theatrical Arts, her gift of song conquered her desire to act and Angel began singing at talent shows around the Tri-State area. By the age of 19, Angel was a regular at many of the top New York City clubs, and one night she heard of a new group being formed and holding auditions. Angel not only won the audition, but became the lead singer of a new group known today as The Cover Girls. Their self-titled debut album squeezed out hit after hit. Most notable would be “Show Me”, in the upper regions of the Billboard Charts. “Show Me” was the first independently distributed album to generate five Hot 100 singles. The success of the “Show Me” album led Angel and the Cover Girls to a recording contract with then industry giant Capitol Records. Their second album entitled “We Can’t Go Wrong” charted three songs on Billboard, including a top 5 position for the title track. Angel and the Cover Girls toured the U.S. and countries around the world as well as national tours with Milli Vanilli, Stevie B, N.K.O.T.B, and Menudo. The Cover Girls took home numerous awards including Best Vocal Group at the New York Music Awards, the Silver Award at the Tokyo Music Festival, and The Apollo’s Top New Female Group. After the release of their third single, Angel decided to go it on her own. Her release of several charting singles, including a remake of “Show Me” which reached the #1 spot on the Billboard Dance Charts, ensured the industry and fans alike that Angel is and always has been the driving force behing the Cover Girls. Today, Angel remains busy in the studio working on new material as she continues to tour the country as “The Original Cover Girl”, performing all of our favorite Cover Girl hits.

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:: Timmy T ::
Billboard Chart Highlight
1990: One More Try
1990: Time After Time
1990: What Will I Do
1991: Over and Over

Timmy T

Timmy T started out in the 80’s in small rap groups in the Fresno area, but felt he would rather do dance music. His instincts proved correct, for in 1991 he hit the big time and scored a #1 Billboard Hot 100 single, “One More Try.” He also had other memorable hits such as “Time After Time” and “What Will I Do.” Although Freestyle music has been a mainstay of New York and Miami, Timmy T was one of the most successful Freestyle artists to come from California. Timmy T has toured extensively throughout the country, and is a frequently featured performer at Freestyle concerts.



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